Three sheepdogs and cattle dogs to (re)discover

The International Cynological Federation (FCI) classifies dogs into 10 groups which include breeds with a number of common distinctive characteristics. Group 1 is made up of sheepdogs (which guard the herds of goats and sheep) and cattle dogs (which watch over the herds of cattle), with the exception of the Swiss cattle dogs which form group 2. discover XXX races among the 44 of group 1.

The long-haired collie, calm, gentle and easy to train

This breed of Scottish origin was fixed towards the end of the 19th century; it was originally a dog used to guard flocks of sheep, but it quickly established itself as an extraordinary companion for families. It is distinguished from the short-haired collie by its superb fur which forms an abundant mane. Patient, gentle, affectionate and protective of children, he is reputed to be docile and easy to educate, although a little shy towards strangers. He knows how to adapt to all kinds of lifestyles provided he is well surrounded and can regularly spend himself in nature. If he can tolerate living in an apartment, he will be much more comfortable in a house with a garden.

The bobtail, a huge ball of fur

Prince Eric’s dog in Walt Disney’s The Little Mermaid, this large, hulking dog has a teddy-like appearance with its big paws, thick fur, and clumsy, rolling gait. Formerly used as a guardian of sheep flocks in England, it was particularly fashionable as a pet in the 1970s and was gradually abandoned in favor of breeds requiring less maintenance. His long hair indeed requires work from his masters! Loyal and affectionate, the bobtail is a gentle, sociable dog that may not realize how strong it is. He likes company and sporting activities but has no taste for long walks or dressage, and especially not apartment life.

The bobtail loves company and sports activities.
The bobtail loves company and sports activities. – everydoghasastory/Shutterstock

The Beauceron, a watchdog par excellence

Impressive and very dissuasive, the Beauceron, or red stocking, is a fabulous guard dog that does not need to bark to scare off intruders. Under his ferocious looks, he is nevertheless very affectionate with his masters but needs a firm and rigorous education and a lot of physical activity to channel his energy. Once his masters have earned his trust, he will be exceptionally loyal to them. Patient, versatile and athletic, he excels in dressage, rescue, tracking and agility exercises. He is not made for city life and likes to be outside: the ideal for him is a house in the country.

The Beauceron weighs between 30 and 45 kg.
The Beauceron weighs between 30 and 45 kg. – Vera Zinkova/Shutterstock

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