60% of pet owners would rather cuddle their dog or cat than their partner

Petsafe Analyzes the Relationship Between Pets and Their Favorite Humans in New Study with Surprising Findings

60% of respondents would rather cuddle their dog or cat than their partner

With 80 million pets, France is in the top 3 European countries with the most dogs and cats. The attachment we have for them is undeniable, as everywhere else in the world. Curious to know how owners show their affection to their little companions, PetSafe surveyed 2,000 pet owners[1] in order to measure their attachment and understand how they materialize it!

Pets that bring joy and comfort

After a long day at work, it is always comforting to be greeted by a festive dog or the meowing of a cat as soon as you walk through the door. Some owners even go so far as to share the hassle of the day with them. Thus, 68% of those questioned admit to venting with their little companions if they have had a bad day.

The animal/human relationship can sometimes go further, since 60% pet owners would rather cuddle their cats or dogs than their spouses after a long day. The study even reveals that 80% of respondents say that their four-legged friends are their first source of joy.

Pets to become better humans

Beyond making people smile or comforting them after a tiring day, animals help to gain altruism. Pet owners say taking care of their beloved furballs has helped them become more responsible (33%) and mature (48%). They also acknowledge that their animals have taught them patience (45%) and to show more empathy (43%). Not to mention that they also help maintain their well-being and health! 40% say their four-legged friends have helped make them more active and 43% have improved their mental health.

Companions who deserve the best

It’s hardly surprising that nine in ten owners surveyed say they only want the best for their pets, with 78% admitting to having a hard time saying no to them. In fact, seven out of ten do not hesitate to say that their dogs and cats lead a life of kings and queens, they are so pampered!

Spoiled but how much?

There’s nothing wrong with spoiling this full-fledged member of the family once in a while. Here are the top 3 means used by respondents to show their attachment to their animals:

No. 1: 49% buy clothes or accessories created by designers for their little companion.

#2: 44% treat their cat or dog to a high-end grooming salon.

No. 3: 43% install a wireless fence to prevent their pet from running away.

Theirs is freedom but ensuring their safety

One of the biggest fears of any owner? Losing or seeing your animal running away and thus exposing yourself to danger. The study pointed out that 41% of pet owners fear the possibility of their little companions running away or getting lost. This is why 17% of them recommend an adapted electronic fence which they consider to be an absolute necessity.

Walks are also sacred: 74% of them take their pet for a walk each time it expresses the wish. They also affirm at 13% that an anti-pull solution makes this moment of sharing more serene. However, it is not always possible to organize your life between walks and cleanliness outings, this is why 17% believe that a door (or cat flap) is essential.

Traveling with a pet is also very common, with 52% taking theirs on vacation every time they go.

Peace of mind while you’re away

Having to leave pets alone for a long time is heartbreaking, and 52% of owners admit feeling guilty when they have no other option. Their main concerns are ensuring that the animal has enough to eat and drink (13% recommend automatic kibble dispensers and 14% drinking fountains) but also what to take care of, on average, a master buys a toy two times per month.

About the PetSafe® Brand

PetSafe®, the global pet care expert, is known for providing quality, reliable solutions and products that strengthen the bond between pets and their owners. After its launch in 1998, the PetSafe® brand quickly specialized in reliable and innovative solutions for training, bark control and anti-escape. Although these popular categories are still relevant, other ranges of solutions have been developed such as pet doors, cat flaps, harnesses and walking products, drinking fountains and feeders, toys for cats and dogs, waste management and a range of travel, access and mobility products.

The brand’s teams of engineers and innovation specialists are constantly developing and testing new products – working closely with behaviorists, professional veterinarians and pet owners – to ensure that the products allow to keep animals healthy, safe and happy.

Visit www.petsafe.com/UK for more information or connect on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

[1] Study conducted among 2,000 pet owners, between March 29 and March 31, 2023, by the market research firm OnePoll, whose teams are members of the MRS (Market Research Society) and are affiliated with AAPOR (Association for Public Opinion Research) and ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research).

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