Five skeletal Chihuahuas found in a house in Marcoussis

“If people hadn’t reported, we would have found dead dogs. Anne-Claire Chauvancy, the president of Animal Protection Action, is convinced of this. Friday, May 5, residents who were walking in a street in Marcoussis (Essonne) saw in the garden of a property five small dogs, chihuahuas crossed pinschers.

But something is wrong. The animals are rickety. Their ribs stand out clearly under their coat. They try “desperately to eat grass in this fallow garden”, details the president of the association. Their disturbing appearance does not leave walkers indifferent. Neither one nor two, they notify the association Animal Protection Action. Just like the police services.

In the process, “we went there, continues Anne-Claire Chauvancy. But the dogs are no longer in the garden. They returned to the house. She knocks on the door. Nobody’s answering. “You can’t force your way into people’s homes like that and without having characterized the offense in flagrante delicto,” explains the manager.

Three days in front of the house looking for the owner

However, the members of the association do not give up. They take turns at the address concerned. Friday Saturday Sunday. Three days of back and forth and endless waiting. “But there is never anyone, laments Anne-Claire Chauvancy. However, we did the crane foot for hours. »

It was not until Sunday evening that the gendarmes of Nozay succeeded in capturing the owner. The soldiers then note the state of health of the animals and summon the respondent to their premises to be heard the next day. “We were called Monday morning to pick up the dogs,” says Anne-Claire Chauvancy.

Marcoussis. Monday, May 8, 2023. The fate of these five dogs has moved more than one. Many people have come forward to the Action Animal Protection association. Five foster families have been found.

The conclusion is clear. “They were literally skeletal,” describes Anne-Claire Chauvancy. Examined by a veterinarian, they were diagnosed “in a state of cachexia, it’s the last stage before starvation,” she recalls. That is to say that the body has drawn on a good part of its reserves. “It has consumed all the fat and is beginning to attack the muscles,” explains the representative of Action protection animal. Other signs of abuse: “Their claws were very, very long. This is a sign that the animals did not come out, she says. Not to mention excrement at home. »

A complaint for “voluntary abandonment”

So many signals that undermine the explanations of the owner. According to the first elements of the investigation, he indicated that he had just had a baby with his partner and that they had moved in with his parents-in-law but that he came morning and evening to take care of these animals.

Ubuesque explanations for the president of the association. “It would be impossible for them to be in this state. They haven’t been fed for three weeks or maybe once a week, and then again. Some weighed only 2.8 kg. They are all in the same condition. In addition, they do not have a food problem because they throw themselves on food. »

The association was therefore contacted to take care of the animals during the investigation. Since Monday, the five little dogs have been pampered and are gradually recovering. “We can see that they have already regained a little weight visibly. Their fate has moved more than one, and five host families have just been found.

Animal Protection Action filed a complaint for “voluntary abandonment”. With the new laws that came into force recently, the owner risks up to three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros. And “if one of the dogs were to die, it’s up to 5 years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros”, adds Anne-Claire Chauvancy.

Very weak, the five little dogs are not out of the woods yet. They are the subject of special attention, because the next few days will be decisive. “When refeeding, there are always risks, insists the president. The organs may already be too damaged by the deprivation and no longer follow. The dog can die. We only realize it ten to fifteen days later. This is what happened to Weedy (Editor’s note, a dog found almost dead in Drancy, in Seine-Saint-Denis) last August. »

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