How to carry a cat?

Be sure to hold your cat securely so that he feels secure in your arms. Nailia Schwarz

In order not to inadvertently disturb or injure it, a cat must always be handled with care. Many masters are unaware that the way of carrying a cat must be adapted to the age or condition of the animal.

It is important to know how to carry a cat, both to give it a hug and to put it in its transport box or keep it away from a dangerous element.

How to handle a kitten?

As long as they are with their mother, kittens are in a period of learning and discovery. It is therefore essential to wait a certain time before taking them in your arms. However, this step is necessary for the little ones to become familiar with human contact. Ideally, manipulation can occur after the first month or around 5 weeks. Proper handling of the kitten also requires waiting for the right moment and carrying it for a short time. This allows the little one to gradually get used to the feeling. Gently pick up the kitten by placing one hand under the chest. Then with the other hand, create support for his hind legs and posterior. All that remains is to raise your arms to handle the kitten. Avoid lifting him by the scruff of his neck, as this gesture is only done by the mother to move him when he is very young.

How to hold an older cat?

Whether the cat is old or young, the method of holding it is the same. However, it is preferable to take the time and to have very gentle gestures so as not to hurt him. This is particularly true if the cat has osteoarthritis or has difficulty moving around. The first thing to do is not to take the cat by the “armpits”, that is to say with both hands under the front paws. The ideal is to approach the animal gently from the side so that it can clearly see that a human is nearby. Then place the left hand if you are right-handed (or vice versa) at the level of the cat’s chest. Then put the right hand at the level of its hind legs, then lift the cat. You will be able to hold it and handle it without it being embarrassed. And to reassure him if he is not comfortable, pet him gently, and bring him closer to your chest.

How to hold an injured cat?

If the cat is injured, avoiding overhandling is best. Whether he has a broken leg or another health concern, the simplest thing is to leave him alone while he recovers. However, it may be necessary to hold it to administer medication or treat a wound. To hold an injured cat, it is best not to take it in your arms, but to hold it in place on the ground. Gradually approaching the animal, starting from its side, reassures it and avoids panicking it. Then crouch or kneel behind him. You must then use your legs to gently hug the animal and prevent it from escaping. In this way, the hands remain free to administer care, or to consider picking it up gently in order to place it in a cage, to take it to the veterinarian.

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