Here are the cutest dog breeds!

Are all dog breeds equally kind and affectionate? We are easily tempted to say yes! And yet, some breeds of man’s best friend are more docile than others. Quickly find out which ones!

The friendliness of a dog does not only depend on its genes. Their education and environment also play a key role. However, some dog breeds are more successful with families and children because they know how to be gentle, docile and affectionate. They are also patient and cheerful, criteria that are very popular with families, but also with the elderly. The stubbornness of some dogs like the shiba inu can taint their kindness. They require more patience and perseverance, but they still love being the center of attention and cuddles. For convenience, here is a list of the friendliest dog breeds.

The friendliest short-haired dog breeds

Some dog breeds have proven their cuteness through affection. This is particularly the case of the French bulldog and the boxer. Their face has already made more than one crack and it is not without reason. Playful and faithful to their masters, they like to be in the company of children and are very patient with them. In the same genre, the beagle is a social, active and dynamic dog. His joviality can be read on his nose. He needs to exert himself, which is why playing with children is no problem for him, quite the contrary. His affectionate and gentle character makes him a very nice dog.

The friendliest long-haired dog breeds

It’s even easier to cuddle a long-haired dog. And some breeds like to enjoy it even more, which makes them nice and adorable doggies. In this category, the golden retriever is the star of families. Jovial and expressive, he is also known for his sociability and patience. In a more imposing size, the Newfoundland is a very nice dog renowned for its docility and its protective character. It is appreciated by families and children. Smaller, but just as affectionate, the bichon is a breed of dog adopted by the elderly, but also by families. It’s easy to think of him as a pot of glue and he likes to be the center of attention. The gentle and friendly face of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel matches perfectly with his kindness and gentleness. He is very devoted to his masters and he makes an excellent friend and playmate for children.

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