Journey to the heart of a unique sanctuary where cats roam free under the Hawaiian sun (video)

A cat lover made the long trip from Los Angeles to Hawaii to visit an out-of-the-ordinary cat sanctuary. This is the Lanai Cat Sanctuary, a refuge where animals roam freely over vast expanses.

Thanks to the shelters and the dedicated teams that work there, whether volunteers or employees, many animals escape the worst and maintain the hope of having the right to a better life.

All these reception structures obviously do not have the same resources or the same facilities. The one dedicated to cats lanai, a superb island in the Hawaiian archipelago, is an exceptional place to live for the felines it welcomes. There are more than 700 cats roaming freely and lounging carefree in this unusual sanctuary.

Recently, the tiktoker “ @Nathanthecatlady », a great cat enthusiast from Los Angeles in California (USA), had the opportunity to visit this site. He introduced it to his many subscribers through a video posted on May 2 on the social network and relayed by PetHelpful.

It is an open-air refuge extending over 1.6 hectares, where cats take advantage of the paradisiacal setting offered by this island located in the heart of the Pacific. For the most part, these cats spend their time basking on tree branches, enjoying the shade as much as the height.


You have to visit the @lanaicatsanctuary #hawaii #cats #sanctuary

? original sound – Nathanthecatlady

The mission of Lanai Cat Sanctuary consists, as we can learn by visiting its website, in ” save the cats, protect the birds “. An undertaking as noble as it is ambitious, when we know that felines are often singled out for the danger they represent vis-à-vis birds.

The only refuge on the island

The adventure of Lanai Cat Sanctuary began in 2004 with cat sterilization campaigns. Its founder Kathy Carroll and her artist husband, Mikehad set up a small shelter in what was a barn, before moving into the current facilities in 2009.

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Illustration of the article: Journey to the heart of a unique sanctuary where cats roam free under the Hawaiian sun (video)

@nathanthecatlady / TikTok

Until the creation of Lanai Cat Sanctuarythere was no animal shelter on this island, nor indeed a veterinarian.

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