A miraculous kitten finds his sister in a foster home

In the cold Canadian winter, a charitable soul finds a kitten and her mother on the street, and takes them to a local animal shelter. Unfortunately, next to them was another lifeless baby.

Quickly, the volunteers notice that the mother cat does not take care of her child. But at this age, the little feline must be constantly warmed up and fed to survive. The rescuers then need more specific help for this task and contact the association One cat at a time. It is a non-profit organization specializing in the rescue of neonatal or sick kittens.

She retrieves the young redhead cat, which she names Wendy, while his mother stays behind. In poor general health, she was taken to the vet.

An unfinished childbirth

By auscultating the mother, the latter discovers with amazement the presence of 2 other kittens in her belly. For him, the chances of survival of the little ones were almost nil and yet, a miracle happened.

By operating on the cat, the doctor managed to extract the young felines, one of which was already not breathing. But to everyone’s surprise, the other was still alive!


It was obvious that the mother cat could not be placed with her young, knowing that she did not wish to take care of them and that she was suffering from serious health problems. So she stayed in the shelter that had taken her in the first place, to rest and be sterilized, before she could be adopted one day.

For his part, the miraculous, called To fartjoined his sister, under the benevolence of Marie Simard, Founder of One Cat at a Time. And as if the little redheads were united by a family bond, they immediately snuggled up against each other, never to be separated again. Married testify to lovemeow : “ Wendy felt safer once she felt her brother with her and they instantly bonded “.

one.cat.at.a.time.rescue / Instagram

The 2 are placed in an incubator to stay warm. They are bottle-fed and receive daily care to stabilize their health. If at first their vital prognosis was engaged, they supported themselves mentally and began to get much better!

Illustration of the article: A miraculous kitten finds his sister in a foster home

one.cat.at.a.time.rescue / Instagram

They ended up opening their eyes, and now have the energy to explore the world! Indeed, once their state stabilized, they were taken out of their incubator and began to follow, together, the different stages of education to become a big cat: eating solid food, using the litter box or even having fun.

They are both full of energy. They are still together and it helped them learn to be a cat » testifies Married.

Illustration of the article: A miraculous kitten finds his sister in a foster home

One cat at a time / Facebook

The journey of the accomplices has been long and uncertain, but they are now old enough to be adopted! Besides, Wendy left first to join her foster family, while her brother awaits his turn. There is no doubt that he will go away soon, as internet users melt in front of his photo!

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