how many hours a day do cats sleep?

A cat sleeps a lot and that’s normal. On average between 12 and 18 hours a day, but 40% of cats sleep more than 18 hours per day. The sleep of cats is polyphasic, it is a succession of phases of sleep and wakefulness both day and night. Scientists who have studied cat sleep estimate that each phase of sleep lasts an average of 78 minutes. Cats are crepuscular, so they are most active at dusk and dawn, the time when their prey is out.

But then why do cats need so much sleep? It is constitutive of their being. Cats are both predators and prey. They need a lot of energy, which they restore while sleeping, to explore their environment, stalk, hunt and also be able to suddenly escape a predator. All these actions are quite short in time but very energy intensive.

The age of the cat also influences its resting time. A kitten sleeps even more, because it spends a lot of energy on its growth and exploring the world. He can sleep up to 20 hours a day. Like an older cat. Finally, we will also remain vigilant to any change in sleep-wake behavior because this can also be a warning sign for an underlying disease, but also for chronic stress or… if your cat is bored at home.

Tell me how you sleep, I’ll tell you who you are!

The most classic position is the ball position : it allows to keep the heat and to protect the vital organs. A cat that sleeps on its back or on its side, with its belly uncovered, is quite comfortable in its environment, but be careful not to caress its belly, you could be received.

The sphynx position, with the legs folded under the thorax and the head almost erect, also allows you to keep body heat while being able to clear off quickly. A cat that only sleeps like this may also have abdominal pain. Then cats also like to sleep in heightto be sheltered, or in a closet or under a blanket, both for the cosy, hidden and less noisy side.

Does your cat sleep with you at night? He is confident and enjoys the feeling of security you give him. Is he sleeping on your head, as often happens? Usually that’s where it moves the least, so you’re less likely to bother it! If he sleeps closer to your feet, it’s to be able to clear off more easily;

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