When Grizzly’s Big Cheeks Changed Her Life and That of an Animal Lover

Amber had no intention of adopting a cat, especially since her husband was not a big fan of felines. However, this animal lover loved to browse the pages of shelters, looking at cats for adoption and dreaming of welcoming them into her home. Until the day when the physical peculiarity of one of them challenged her, and she wanted to go see it with her own eyes.

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Grizzly had fat endearing cheeks

grizzly had a very difficult start in life. After spending ten years on the street, he was probably hit by a car. Wounded, he was found in very poor condition and taken to the shelter Lollypop Farm.

The cat was in great need of help. ” In addition to the injuries he sustained from the accident, he had an upper respiratory infection, needed to have his teeth pulled and had other minor issues. “, explained the refuge to lovemeow.

Illustration of the article: When Grizzly's fat cheeks changed her life and that of an animal lover

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The vet did whatever it took to get the animal back on its feet. He then joined a foster family, the time to recover well and get used to his new life as an indoor cat.

Once healthy, grizzly always had particularly fat cheeks, which gave her a touching appearance. He was rather discreet, but very nice with his host family. To increase his chances of being adopted, he returned to the shelter, in order to be seen by all visitors.

The discreet Grizzly did not attract the attention of visitors

Unfortunately, the timid nature of grizzly served him. He huddled in a corner and did not come out, while many fiery kittens threw themselves into the arms of visitors. He couldn’t stand out against the “competition”.

On his side, Amber browsed the pages of cats to adopt from the shelter, for the simple pleasure, as she used to do. ” A cat immediately caught my attention. He had the biggest cheeks and eyes that could tell a lifetime of stories. I just knew we had to meet himr,” she said.

The young woman managed to convince her spouse to simply go and “watch” grizzly. But once there, the couple was shocked by their encounter with the feline. They fell in love and decided to adopt her.

In record time, the cat acclimated to its new home and family. He has become very cuddly and asks for caresses. It was renamed Mr. Jenkins and is now very happy.

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Illustration of the article: When Grizzly's fat cheeks changed her life and that of an animal lover

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Mr. Jenkins will never have to worry about where his home will be again, because it is here with us, forever. “, concluded Amber.

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