“They share everything with us.” Animals, traveling companions, in our joys and our misfortunes

Dogs, cats… They have a special place and are an integral part of the family. But why do we get so attached to these furballs? What does their presence bring to the home? Why do they hold so much space in our hearts?

They are more than pets. They are an integral part of the family balance. Full members, as the years pass, they are a companion, an unwavering support.

Regional surveys, the magazine of the editorial staff of Normandy is interested in this subject.

They are present, attend events. The children grow up alongside them. When it’s time to say goodbye to them, goodbyes can be heartbreaking.

In the forest of Grimbosq, a few kilometers south of Caen, for the owners to come and meditate, a place is dedicated to them. Flowered, graves – according to very precise specifications – are scattered here and there.

If there were no imposed rule, there would be mausoleums here. It is truly a place of contemplation.

Etienne Courteille, Manager of the tree heritage of the city of Caen

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France has more than 80 million pets. One in two households declares owning at least one animal. In the top 3, come first the fish, followed by the cats, the birds of the barnyard close this podium. Dogs come fourth.

One has the impression that the worries about the health of the animal are almost higher than those of the other members of the family.

Hugues Levivier, Veterinarian

They make me wanna stay strong

Adèle, owner of two Beagle dogs

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“They share everything with us”. The words are clouded with a certain sadness, Annick Clairel knows that the end is near for Naruto, 14 and a half years old. “It’s already beautiful for a big dog” this age adds her daughter.

This old “grandfather” will have brought a lot of love, and, when he leaves, the pain is likely to be immense. AT so much so that its owner will not take back a four-legged animal, “grief beasts” she explains.

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For ten years, these traveling companions have an increasingly preponderant place, can we go so far as to speak of animal king?

In any case, it seems that these “little everyday animals”, which we take out, feed, pamper, hold a rank that sometimes few human beings can reach. Whether we want it or not…

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