A cat that drinks a lot of water, is it serious? What to do ?

How much water should a cat drink? This is a question that few people know the answer to. Well, a domestic cat’s water needs range from 40-60ml of water per pound of body weight per day. That is to say that an average feline around 4-5 kg ​​drinks ¾ to 1 cup of water per day. Granted, this volume depends on other factors such as weather, diet, age, and the health status of your feline pal, but a thirst well above this range can actually be alarming. But should a cat that drinks a lot of water visit the vet?

How much water is too much for cats?

As with humans, the amount of water cats drink varies from day to day. If your cat is particularly thirsty on a hot, busy day, she’ll probably drink less the next day, which is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. However, if your beloved animal needs more than 90 ml/kg each day, it seems that it is in a state of polydipsia. It’s excessive thirst caused by polyuria, which means your cat’s body needs to produce more urine, thus requiring more water to do so. How do we know if this is our case?

The first thing to do is to establish if it is really a cat that drinks a lot of water by calculating the amount consumed. First, measure the amount of water you put in the bowl each morning and the next morning (you have to wait 24 hours), measure the remaining amount. Repeat a few days in a row and calculate the average volume. If after the experiment you have established that the amount of water exceeds 90-100 ml per kilogram per day, you should think about the possible causes of this polydipsia.

PLEASE NOTE: It goes without saying that you should never limit the amount of water your cat wants to drink and you should ensure that he has access to as much water as he wants, whether it seems too much or not. If your cat follows you around and meows, he may be thirsty.

Why does my cat drink a lot of water?

why does my cat drink a lot of water when bringing me to the vet

Some common causes of excessive thirst in cats are more serious than others and only a veterinarian could tell you for sure what your case is. However, knowing what to expect is never superfluous, especially if you can rule out certain conditions yourself in advance.

A recent change in the type of food

cat drinking a lot of water is what causes polydipsia

Cats that eat wet food will absorb much of the moisture they need through food and they drink less from their bowl. So a cat that drinks a lot of water after switching to dry food is normal, especially immediately after the change in diet. Be aware that in this case an increase in urination will not necessarily occur.

Temperatures are higher than usual

how do i know if my cat is overweight

Another potential explanation that is just as harmless for a cat that drinks a lot of water is hot weather. The temperatures are not yet so high, but during summer heat waves, heat stroke must be ruled out. To do this, monitor your thirsty cat for abnormal breathing, tremors or convulsions, unsteady walking or general weakness, vomiting and drooling or changes in the color of the gums. If he has one or more of these symptoms, it is best to call the veterinarian.

Kidney disease in cats

why my cat drinks a lot of water urine pees too much causes

Alas, kidney failure is one of the most common and serious diseases that affect cats. It is not curable, but it is manageable given its early diagnosis. Apart from periodic blood tests depending on your cat’s age, observe the animal for lack of appetite or weight loss, excessive urination, lethargic states or vomiting and visit its doctor if necessary.

feline hyperthyroidism

cat drinking a lot of water polydipsia causes feline hyperthyroidism symptoms

Hyperthyroidism is a serious condition that affects cats more often than you might think and it can compromise their heart function too. A bizarre clue that your cat may be suffering from this is that it suddenly acts like a kitten again despite being an adult. A cat that drinks a lot of water and eats more than usual, while neglecting the grooming of its coat, can be affected by an exaggerated functioning of the thyroid. Other symptoms to watch out for are: significant and rapid weight loss, vomiting and/or diarrhea, hyperactivity and meowing findings.

Excessive thirst and feline diabetes

cat that drinks a lot of water what to do polydipsia causes feline diseases

Another common cause of a cat drinking too much water and urinating too much (with or without an increase in appetite) is diabetes mellitus. As in humans, it is the body’s inability to regulate blood sugar via insulin and overweight is one of the common manifestations. Diabetes can have very serious consequences if not treated or managed, so do not hesitate to schedule a vet appointment if in doubt.

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