In Argenton, Sylvie comes to your home to take care of your dog

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Sylvie Pochet presents her new truck to get around to do dog grooming, in the presence of elected officials in Argenton. ©The Republican 47

A new traveling truck landed in Argenton (Lot-et-Garonne) recently. It is Sylvie Pochet who is at the initiative, she who carries out canine grooming at home.

More than six years ago, she quit her job to set up her own dog grooming business: “I love animals and I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time”, she says enthusiastically.

Also, for eight months, Sylvie will follow a training at the CFA of Marmande and obtains her diploma of groomer in alternation in a living room in Montayral.

In 2016, she opted for the solution of a traveling workshop: “There are a lot of people who can’t get around, and for others, it’s the schedules that suit them”.


Indeed, on our territory, in small towns, some people still have travel problems, and most have pets. As was the case before, itinerant traders, such as the grocer, the baker, the fishmonger and others, moved from village to village to meet the population.

This is the option that Sylvie chose just after her training with her first truck “101 a hair, without a hair”: “I started in 2016 with an old C25 motorhome”, she says. with melancholy.

Then, thanks to his passion and his interest for the canine gent, the requests were more numerous. Sylvie changes vehicles and converts an old Ford utility vehicle.

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Over the years, her skills have been recognized by many animal owners: “Sylvie has been coming regularly for three years to take care of Marley, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and I am very happy with it”, comments Jocelyne Valadier from Bugle.

A nice work tool

To date, Sylvie, residing in Argenton, goes to private homes over a perimeter of about forty kilometers, for more than 200 dogs of all sizes “from York to Newfoundland”.

Faced with demand, the groomer has acquired a brand new utility vehicle, brand new, equipped with the latest technologies in the field.

In addition, the traveling salon is equipped with a bathtub with a massage bath that promotes gentle brushing for dogs with sensitive skin. This splendid work tool has been completely fitted out, with care, by the company Socori de Cestas: “It was the equipment manufacturer who carried out the work from A to Z”.

Also, recently, Sylvie wished to inaugurate her new truck in the presence of her family, her friends and Raymond Girardi, mayor of Argenton. During this ceremony the van, hidden under a large white cloth, was unveiled to all.

In conclusion, Sylvie says: “anecdotally, my dog ​​Nouchka who is pictured on the truck hates grooming, she cries as soon as I show her the brush”, but, in our opinion, it is most certainly fun.

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