This is the dog to choose when you have children

There are dogs that are softer in nature, and their temperament is ideal for living with children. However, it remains important to establish a good foundation in the relationship with the animal. Find out which canine breeds are the easiest to live with so that your child can live in harmony with his dog.

Which dogs are suitable for children?

THE children spend a lot time see you spendand some dogs adapt perfectly to their pace. This is the case of these breeds, Who will attach themselves, as a bonus, easily to the youngest, to create a relationship of the healthiest:

  • Coton de Tulear
  • The golden retriever
  • Saint Bernard
  • the labrador
  • Brittany Spaniel
  • eurasier
  • collie

even though dogs of small size reassureit should be remembered that the template of the animal born does not define his character. For example the chihuahuadue to its small size, will not necessarily trust to children, and their cohabitation risk of being lapsed even agressive.

Dogs suitable for children: how to establish good hygiene?

One of the first principles basics to inculcate at your animal company is the cleanliness. For example, it is necessary to ensure regularly deworm her dog, so that he is protected of the parasites intestinal. Also, this will allow preserve your children of any possible contamination. A well-behaved dog cleanlinessit is also very important ! Indeed, children are more responsive to germs, bacteria And viruses: so that’s why your dog must have hygiene regular And blameless. But it is also important to learn to your children not to put To the mouth THE toys of dog and to wash hands as soon as they have cheek together. This will allow them not to develop some allergies and in turn keep a Good hygiene.

Dog / child relationship: what are the advantages?

Have a dog within a family is a advantage considerable for evolution of your child. Indeed, the dogs and the children can develop a strong affection which promotes learning and strengthens the fundamentals. Dogs will be able help your children better communicateto be appeased but also to spend. If your pet follows the birth of your little onethere are odds that their relationship be even more strong. Your dog will be very protective And will develop a certain communication with your family. It is recognized that having a dog when you have children can also to prevent there depression And self-reliance.

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