What are cats afraid of?

Like all animals, cats can be victims of fear. How to recognize it? What scares them? How to help them? Our answers.

The cat, faced with certain situations, can be frightened. He then reacts in different ways: flees, searches for a hiding place, attacks, stops in terror… What are the reasons for the fears of cats? How to help him overcome his fears?

How do you observe the fear of a cat?

It is quite easy to notice fear in cats. It manifests itself physically and gives precious indications when you want to understand your pet. When he’s scared, the cat’s ears and whiskers are flattened. His hair stands on end all the way down his back and his tail is ruffled. He will tend to arch his back, and if you can observe his eyes, you will see that his pupils are dilated. These are all signs that indicate that your pet is afraid.

3 things that scare cats

The causes of fear in cats can be classified into three broad categories.

  • The cat is afraid of noises

The main fear in cats is related to unusual noises. This may be the case if the thunderstorm is heard. It is not uncommon in this case that the cat hides to escape the noise that he cannot understand. Some utensils or appliances can have the same effect. This is for example the case for the vacuum cleaner or the blender.

  • The cat is afraid of novelty

A new person arrives at your home, an object arrives or a new animal… Some cats don’t like novelty. He may show fear before revealing his curiosity and finally adopting the novelty in his home. It just takes a bit of getting used to.

  • The cat is afraid of change

Like many children, the cat does not like change. Moving, traveling, going to the vet. The cat does not appreciate having to adapt to its environment very much. So there is often fear associated with this kind of event.

How to help a terrified cat?

If your cat is having a big fright, there are several ways to help her get through her fear. First, it is essential to give him access to hiding places away from light, noise or any stress on his senses. He can find refuge there while he calms down. Another option is to offer him some sort of perch. By gaining height, the cat is in a position of observation while feeling inaccessible. An ideal configuration for the feline who likes to control his environment.

Finally, it can be interesting to stimulate it with novelty, noise and change on a very small scale through games. This allows him to apprehend his fear in a gentle and serene way. He will see in you a companion. If the fear arises again, be careful not to offer to reassure him too quickly. It is better that he manages his fear alone. Once the trauma has passed, you can offer him cuddles and food to help him forget his bad experience. In short, the cat needs a safe and learning space to manage its fear as well as possible.

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