a mother cat and her babies seek refuge in their premises

Desperate for shelter for herself and her kittens, a cat has taken up residence in an amazing place. Discovered by officials, the small feline family is now waiting to be placed.

The Town Hall ofEdina, in the State of Missouri (United States), notably houses the fire station and the police station, among other public services and institutions. It is precisely at the police station that a discovery both surprising and touching was made on Monday, May 8, reported KHQA.

The premises of the police were, in fact, the scene of a break-in, which occurred between Friday evening May 5 and the following Monday. Local authorities even speak of ” heist to describe the scene. Its perpetrators, however, are not malevolent individuals, but rather a small family that was looking for a safe and quiet place. This is a tortoiseshell cat and her adorable litter of kittens.

It was a civil servant who discovered it on Monday afternoon, the collector Kathy Poore as it happens. The latter recounts having heard little meows when arriving on site.

The young cats and their mother are visible in this video posted on Facebook by NEMOnews.net :

“I would like to see them go to a good home”

For his part, the police chief ofEdina humorously announced that he had no intention of prosecuting the “trespassers”. Ryan Bishop said to believe the cat and her kittens snuck into the law enforcement office through an open garage door.

Illustration of the article: The astonishing discovery of the police: a mother cat and her babies seek asylum in their premises

NEMOnews.net / Facebook

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I would like to see them go to a good home “, he also said. He and his colleagues are, indeed, looking for a loving family for cats. A foster family or, even better, adoption. It invites those interested to contact the Town Hall or to join the police via one of its lines intended for non-emergency calls.

In the end, the cat chose her landing spot very well. Officials and police did not disappoint his expectations.

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