How do you deal with a dog that pulls on a leash?

When you walk your dog, it happens that it pulls on the leash. Uncomfortable for the master, frustrating for the animal, this behavior is however natural. How to react in this situation?

Whether the dog is young or has a large size, seeing him pull on the leash is both unpleasant and difficult to manage. If the reasons that can explain this behavior are many, pulling on the leash can be corrected. For this, it is necessary to adopt the right gestures, but also to use adapted accessories.

Why does a dog pull on the leash?

The first reason that can explain this behavior is an abundance of sound or visual stimuli. Like us, a dog can be excited because he discovers a new place, or because he smells other dogs nearby. He is therefore curious to discover them, and he can pull on the leash because he wants to see or smell them.

A naturally sporty dog ​​like the Husky may also pull on the leash because he wants to exert himself. The behavior then results from a lack of exercise. However, one of the most common causes remains a lack of education or training.

How do I get my dog ​​to stop pulling on the leash?

The first reflex to adopt is to train the dog to walk calmly with a leash. For owners with a garden, the ideal is to organize small outdoor sessions where the dog must walk by your side. The second reflex to adopt is to remind the dog that you are with him. During the walk, you can stop to make him understand that he is going too fast or too far.

If he continues to pull, walk in the opposite direction: this can bring the animal back to you and make him realize that he is not alone in walking. Imposing your pace is also a good way to make the dog understand the pace to adopt. If he shoots, then you should not try to join him, but rather slow down. Finally, during the walk, it is recommended to walk beside the dog and not behind his back.

So he can see that you are staying close and paying attention to him. Note that for the dog to stop pulling, repetition of these gestures and patience will be essential.

Which collar or harness to choose for a dog that pulls?

If the dog pulls too much, because he is excited, choosing a new collar is not necessary. On the other hand, opting for a mid-length taut leash is a good alternative. The retractable leash is to be avoided because, even if it is possible to block it, it prevents the dog from maintaining a regular pace. For the collar, make sure it is comfortable and light. Two fingers should be able to fit between the collar and the animal’s neck.

As for the harness, it can replace the collar for walking small dogs. Without pulling on the neck, the harness offers better support. In addition, as the leash is attached at the level of the back, it naturally encourages the dog to walk alongside the master. For larger dogs, the no-pull harness may be considered. In all cases, the choke collar or the spiked collar must be banned.

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