Lidl has the essential object to protect your dog from the heat!

Lidl has just unveiled the ideal object to protect your dog from the heat as the summer season approaches.

Lidl has just hit hard with the unveiling of a brand new must-have item to protect your dog from the heat. An object to obtain urgently. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Lidl ready for the summer season

Competition is fierce in the retail sector. Between Carrefour, Leclerc, Cora or Aldi. There are many brands on the market. Faced with such rivalry, Lidl must therefore redouble our efforts to attract consumers. His mission ? Offer quality products at low prices.

Indeed, the goal of the German company is to allow its customers to buy the best without breaking the bank. A challenge that she takes up with flying colors. With the approach of the summer season, the company has just unveiled many items perfect for summer.

Starting with a fabric with a water-repellent coating. A resistant structure thanks to the tubes in steel solid whose assembly is particularly simple thanks to its continuously extendable tubes.

In addition, this canvas available at Lidl has a removable crank. Which makes it easy to unfold and fold. For a width of about 300 cm, this article from the Livarno Home brand costs less than 80 euros.

For a width of approximately 200 cm, the latter costs only 69.99 euros. But that’s not all ! In addition, Lidl has also put on sale an artificial plastic hedge to protect you from prying eyes when you sunbathe in your garden.

Finally, to give a festive atmosphere to your outdoor aperitifs, you can also get lanterns. Pretty lights sold at only 14.99 euros. MCE TV tells you more about Lidl news.

Lidl has the object to protect your dog from the heat!

An essential to protect your dog from the heat

So you will understand, Lidl is doing everything in its power to delight its consumers. But if the well-being of customers is essential for the firm, it seems that that of our animals is also very important.

Thus, the German distribution company has just unveiled the essential object to protect our canines heat.

What is it about ? A perfect umbrella bed for our doggies. Eh yes ! They will be able to enjoy the sun without suffering from extreme temperatures.

According to the latest information posted by tuxboard, this Lidl tent has UV 50 sun protection which provides complete protection for the most fragile dogs.

Moreover, it is also very light and has the ideal dimensions to be transported everywhere. Very easy to assemble, this umbrella bed disassembles in seconds.

Enough to allow you to take it on vacation without any problem. Especially since the price is very interesting since you will not have to pay more than 24.99 euros to get this little wonder.

In any case, one thing is certain, it is that Lidl takes great care with its most loyal customers and their pets.

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