The best baskets for dogs to attach to your bike

It’s hard to part with your little 4-legged friend. On foot or by car, your dog accompanies you everywhere! Some people even manage to slip their beloved pooch into the basket of their bike. To maximize their comfort during these walks in the open air, discover our top of the best bicycle baskets for dogs.

A faithful companion every day, your dog never lets go of you. If for you to take it by bike is more complicated than anything else, this article is for you! For a few years now, a few brands have introduced a perfect accessory for cyclists: the dog bike basket. Of the same ilk as a classic basket, this accessory is available in several models: with or without grid, plastic, wood or fabric, waterproof or not… You are spoiled for choice! Discover without further delay our selection of the best bicycle baskets to take your dog everywhere with you!

Trixie’s wicker basket

With this wicker basket, take your dog everywhere with you. Perfectly adapted to small animals, this accessory is equipped with a protective grid. The latter allows you to stroll quietly without risking that your little companion (8 kg maximum) jumps in the middle of a walk. This basket attaches simply and quickly to the luggage rack so as not to obstruct your view of the road. For more comfort, a velvet cushion is sold with the basket, ideal for a siesta on the back of the bike.

The Friends on Tour basket by Trixie

To be fixed under the handlebars of your bike, this stable basket is easily installed using a solid metal frame. With a picnic basket design, this cute accessory features a protective net to let your dog breathe during the ride. Ultra comfortable, you will find a removable cushion for smooth transport. Suitable for small dogs, this basket is capable of holding up to 6kg. For well-behaved dogs, who will remain lying down or sitting all the way, the protective net is removable. Another advantage of the net is that it protects against the rain. Who to walk in any weather!

Redlution’s Dog Bike Basket

With its aluminum alloy, this bike basket is the perfect accessory for out and about with your faithful companion. The woven canvas allows air to pass through, enough to travel cool even during summer walks. You have the possibility of reducing the opening of the basket in order to let only the small head of your pet pass through. Equipped with 2 handles, this basket can be carried on the shoulder like a handbag once the walk is over.

Bella & Balu’s collapsible basket

Fall for this pretty Bella & Balu foldable basket. Capable of carrying a 5 kg hairball. Robust, it simply attaches under the handlebars, practical for keeping an eye on your companion during the ride. For the most restless little dogs, you have the option of closing the basket with a strap and a press stud. Thanks to the removable bottom, this basket is very easy to wash in case of small incidents.

The Anzome bicycle basket

Attached to the front of your bike or worn over your shoulder, this pretty dog ​​basket is capable ofto welcome a little companion 5kg maximum. With a compact size, this basket is ideal for small dogs, with the exception of dachshunds (dogs sausages). Ultra practical, this accessory has external pockets, perfect for containing treats and collapsible bowls. For a cool stroll, raise the flap and let your companion enjoy the net. For the most energetic animals, you have the option of closing the basket! The waterproof seat cushion means the ride 100% comfortable, enough to take a good nap on the way back from the park. Waterprooftake your best friend with you, rain, shine or snow!

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