an intensive rabbit farm in Noordpeene (North) implicated by L214

Rabbits locked in cages the size of an A4 sheet, rabbits eating their babies out of discomfort, corpses among living animals … L214 releases a shocking video on a rabbit farm in Noordpeene, near Kassel, in the North on May 17, 2023.

animal rights association also lodges a complaint with the prosecutor of the Dunkirk judicial court against this breeding. She denounces mistreatment, which endangers animals.

The video of L214 below


The incriminated breeders did not respond to our calls. The Chamber of Agriculture of Hauts-de-France did not wish to comment on this case.

Meat sold with quality labels

Until today, the Noordpeene rabbits were found in Auchan stores in Hauts-de-France, under the name “Rabbit of the ch’ti”. This meat was labeled Filière Responsable Auchan, Lapin de France, Product Certifié and Saveurs en’Or, which misled consumers according to Sébastien Arsac, co-founder and director of investigations at L214.

These labels are guarantees of quality, they send back a positive image to consumers which does not correspond to reality. Unfortunately, 99% of rabbits are produced in intensive farms in France.

Auchan decided on Tuesday May 16, 2023 to suspend its activity with the Noordpeene breeding, the time of an internal investigation. The supermarket chain wants to take stock of the working method of northern livestock farming.

The breeding of rabbits is very little regulated

Raising rabbitsor cuniculture, is not widely regulated in France. Unlike standard chicken farms, for example, there is no no regulatory size for the animal cage
breeders can put as many rabbits as they want per square meter.

The association publishes many images of northern breeding
The association publishes many images of northern breeding


L214 will legally attack the breeder via the non-compliance with safety standards. The enclosures and fences must not endanger the animals, but in the images shot last February, we see a rabbit whose leg is stuck in the grid and which necrosesor baby rabbits stuck in the holes, suspended between their cage and the excrement pit located just below.

Noordpeene already stuck by L214

This is not the first time that L214 has found fault with the village farms. In January 2021, members of the association demonstrated against the expansion of the EARL Dekervel chicken farm. They denounced the choice of an intensive breeding method, harmful to the health and well-being of poultry.

In Noordpeene, this complaint of abuse surprised many residents and the mayor. They were unaware of what would happen on the farm.

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