Central Asian Shepherd: origin, size and character

This large dog, of the molosser type, accompanied the nomadic peoples of the steppes. How to feed it? What is the cost of an adoption? All our answers.

That’s a gentle giant! The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is already distinguished by its imposing size, and by its characteristic features: a large head with easily drooping lips that give it a good-natured air… Here is everything you need to know about this dog .

His origin

This dog was crossed with a Tibetan Shepherd. Adobe Stock

This large dog is undoubtedly the result of multiple crosses between the primitive dogs used for work by the nomadic herding peoples of the Caucasus and Asia. However, specialists agree on one point: at some point in its evolution, the Central Asian Shepherd was crossed with a Tibetan Shepherd, a particularly massive breed, to which it owes certain physical characteristics such as its large size.

The Central Asian Shepherd is not very common compared to its cousin the Caucasian Shepherd, and the breed was not recognized until 1989 by the International Cynological Federation (FCI).

His character

The Asian Shepherd must receive a firm education. Adobe Stock/Pisareva Svetlana

The Central Asian Shepherd is first and foremost a guardian. Historically, it was used to watch over herds and homes. It must be said that his measurements are dissuasive. From this long history of work, the Central Asian Shepherd has retained a great distrust of strangers, an unfailing courage to defend his territory and his family, as well as a certain natural aggressiveness.

This is why it is aimed above all at a master who already has a lot of experience: his education must be firm and very involved to prevent his dominant nature from taking over.

His physical characteristics

This dog has a massive head. Adobe Stock / Laughing Images

Its size is its main characteristic: up to 75 cm at the withers and 80 kg for the most imposing individuals. This very large dog belongs to the molossoid type. Its head is massive; his ears hang down (they were amputated for a long time, a practice now over); and its tail, which is no longer cut off either, is carried in a plume. All coat colors exist (except brown and blue), but the Central Asian Shepherd is very often light-colored (sand, white, black and white, etc.).

His price

The price of a Central Asian Shepherd is between 900 and 1,300 €. The budget to devote to its food is variable. Indeed, if it must be specific and adapted to each individual in the growth phase in order to guarantee a harmonious physical development crucial for a large animal, once adult, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog has a rather reasonable appetite. Historically accustomed to a frugal diet with periods of scarcity, it sometimes happens to him to have variations in appetite that are normal and transient.

His health

His life expectancy is excellent for a dog of his size: about 14 years. Like all large dogs, he is susceptible to dysplasia and dislocations. Also be careful not to overload your protein diet to avoid being overweight. He has a vital need for the outdoors and nature: there is no question of locking him up in a small apartment, at the risk of seeing him wither away.

Adopting an animal commits you, it is a decision that you will have to think carefully about. Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian or the shelter closest to you before starting. They will be able to give you their advice on the breed of dog that will suit you best.

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