Here are the reasons why cats hate closed doors

People who share their life with a cat know that it is a special animal. Although each cat is unique and has its own character, certain points of their personality are found in each of them. Like not liking closed doors…

They are territorial animals

Although domestic cats have adapted to living indoors, they are still territorial animals. This means that they spend time every day leaving their scent in all parts of the house.

Also, as they are territorial animals, they need to control their environment. Which is difficult for them if the doors are locked. That’s why when they see an area of ​​the house they can’t get in, they start meowing or scratching to get attention so someone will let them in.

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They are curious

Cats are naturally curious animals and their curiosity can manifest in many ways. Thus, they can get into tight places to observe all the movements of the house. Or observe and analyze the world from an elevated position.

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These behaviors are a direct reflection of their hunting instincts. But also instincts that have allowed them to escape predators for centuries. Closed doors are barriers that prevent them from accessing and satisfying their curiosity.

They are social animals

Although cats have a bad reputation for being solitary, they are actually social and affectionate animals. Indeed, they greatly appreciate the company of people. In fact, many cats have a habit of following their owners into the bathroom. Therefore, if they are on the other side of a closed door, it is not surprising that they start meowing.


Cat behavior experts say it’s a good idea for cat owners to let their cats into their rooms at least once a day. Cats can see that nothing is hidden from them and that there is not much that intrigues them.

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Another solution is to build a cat flap. That is to say a small entrance that allows the cat to move around as it pleases without having to leave the whole door open.

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