How can animals identify colors?

The perception of colors in animals is different in humans. Dogs, for example, only perceive two. Cats too. And both monkeys and humans see trichomately (green, blue, red). We tell you everything!

Color distinction does not exist in some animals. Even if in dogs (it will be the example of this article), he can perceive certain colors such as green-yellow, and blue-violet. This cognitive capacity for colors is made possible thanks to the two types of cones that the retina of dogs contains. This is also why we say that the ability to know colors in dogs is dichromatic when in humans, vision is rather trichromatic. A capacity that does not have the cat as well as other animals. Clearly, dogs and some animals of the same nature can perceive colors according to their visual capacity which is dichromatic. Indeed, it is by comparing the retinas of animals with those of human beings that biologists have been able to identify various families of cells similar to ours: those sensitive to colors (the cones) and those sensitive to low light (the sticks). Given the pigments contained in these photoreceptors, it was thus possible to deduce the wavelengths that the animals perceived.

How can the dog distinguish colors

Here is an easy-to-learn experiment: place food behind a door always of the same color in the middle of doors of different colors. If the animal manages to systematically distinguish and find the right door, the one that actually hides the treat, it means that it is capable of differentiating it from the others.

How do dogs see at night?

The night vision of dogs is superior to that of humans. Indeed, it has been shown that humans without light cannot see in the dark due to the receptive retina at night which contains fewer rods (92 to 100 million rods) that that of dog which contains approximately slightly more than double. This allows them to see better at night and that, better than humans. Then, another factor makes it possible to justify this beautiful vision of the doggies. It is also the additional layer located under the retina tapetum lucidum or carpet.

How does a dog find his way in the dark?

The carpet or the tapetum lucidum, is this additional layer which constitutes the intelligent surface of the eye of the dog. It promotes the reflection of light at the back of the retina. This allows the dog to see in the dark. Clear, it is thanks to the retina, this membrane lining the back of the dog’s eye, made up of photoreceptor nerve cells (cones and rods) that the dog can see well in the dark. Because, the aforementioned containers of the retina transmit to the brain of the dog, via the optic nerves, information in the form of an electric signal on the whole of the visual field of the dog.

How does a dog see his master?

Smell is one of the surest ways for a dog to recognize its master. Apart from the visual aspect, the dog uses its hyperdeveloped sense of smell to preserve or isolate the smell of its companion. But sight remains the most effective way for the dog to recognize his friend. Indeed, the effect is the same when you perceive a person you love more than anything. In dogs, love translates into gestures:

  1. Wagging his tail when he sees you
  2. Licks your face to convey his relief to see you
  3. Sniff you in order to soak up the places and places you have visited.

So note that the social nature of the dog allows him to see you as any human who sees a person dear to his heart. This feeling of joy, relief, happiness, love is what the dog feels when he sees his master.

What colors do dogs see?

Animals do not have the same visual perceptions as humans. Indeed, humans can perceive three different colors. While dogs can perceive only two. It is for this purpose the color yellow and the color blue-violet. When colors such as red, orange are displayed, the dog perceives them as a tone of yellow. Same when it comes to white, green, blue-green, gray, the dog only sees blue-violet.

How do dogs see humans?

Beyond color vision, the dog possesses a more quantitative vision capacity due to field of vision and frequency of vision which are developed than this of humans. Indeed, the field of vision of dogs varies according to the breeds of dogs, the skull and again the position of the eyes as well as the mouth of the dog. A field of vision not to be confused with “viewing area” which is much weaker than that of humans. To summarize, the vision of the dog is almost similar to that of humans, even if it is not of quality. On the other hand, a dog can perceive an object at a greater distance (about 1.5km) than the human. This is why the dog can see his master from a long distance and start wagging his tail to show his joy at seeing his favorite human.

What color do dogs like?

Unlike humans who have color favorites, dogs are not affected. Indeed, as mentioned above, dogs can only perceive two different colors. First yellow, then blue-violet. SO, to give a more sensitive tone to the decor surrounding the dog, you can opt for blue as the color of the toys and yellow or blue-violet as the color of his bedding, his clothes. But, especially favor blue when it comes to the exterior.

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