Ille-et-Vilaine: your cat could be neutered if it is not identifiable

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In Bain-de-Bretagne (Ille-et-Vilaine), stray cats will now be castrated. ©Illustration Le Réveil

In this month from May 2023the city of Bath-of-Brittany (Ille-et-Vilaine) is launching a sterilization campaign stray cats.

The cat is an endearing and affectionate pet. But it is also very independent and it is a formidable hunter towards biodiversity when it is present in large numbers in a territory.

City of Bain-de-Bretagne

For cats, “identification must be carried out before the age of seven months. This obligation is also valid for all specimens born after January 1, 2012 ” emphasizes the municipality.

In the absence of identification, a cat can be recognized in a state of wandering :

  • If it is found more than 200 m from dwellings or more than 1000 m from its owner’s home.
  • If he is not under his immediate supervision.
  • If its owner is not known and it is seized on the public highway or on the property of others.

“In addition to noise pollution (fights and untimely meowing) or olfactory and possible damage (in the gardens or on garbage bags), the uncontrolled reproduction cats leads to overpopulation, the spread of diseases and therefore a health risk for other domestic animals,” adds the town of Bain-de-Bretagne.

Test campaign

“It is therefore imperative to limit their proliferation for their well-being and that of their fellow human beings. And that goes through sterilization. »

The town hall, in partnership with the association “Miky and the fantastic paws” and with the financial support of the cabinet des Bain-de-Bretagne veterinariansand the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, is launching a test campaign for the capture, identification and sterilization of cats wandering in groups on the town.

These cats will then be released on their capture site and will be able to continue their lives without the risk of breeding on a large scale.

City of Bain-de-Bretagne

“Residents who are aware of the presence of stray cats in groups in the town are invited to contact the association” Miky and the fantastic paws “by email: [email protected] This will then take care of capturing them. »

Videos: currently on Actu

Identified and sterilized cats

They will be then identified and sterilized , then released on site. “It is therefore important that the people reporting them can then monitor them and feed them if necessary. »

This operation also aims to “educate all masters about the importance of identifying and sterilizing their cats for the well-being of all. »

Afterwards, ” stray cat captures or straying will be performed regularly and those that do notwill not be identifiedwill be sent to the pound. »

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