Why are small dogs “snarling” and barking all the time?

Why do we say that small dogs are surly and bark at everything and anything? Here is what explains this behavior.

Now that you know why a dog often wags its tail, let’s see the reasons that can cause a dog to bark frantically. And more specifically, why small dogs are often perceived as being “snarling”.

Are small dogs really surly?

The answer is simple: no, small dogs are not snappy. They may appear as such and even become so, but it is always master’s fault. A big dog can be just as surly.

It’s just that, given the difference in size between a chihuahua and a husky, the husky will appear aggressive and potentially dangerous. While the little dog is too small to scare you, he will therefore appear to you as “snarling”.

Finally, small dogs are more exposed to this kind of behavior, according to many dog ​​trainers. For what ? Because small dogs are often more covered by their masters, less out on the pretext that they are small and that they would only need a garden to be spent (which is totally false). They are also less contact with other dogs congeners because the masters are often afraid that the big dog will bite their little dog.

Finally, the little dog ends up with a lack of socialization, spending and can develop this kind of behavioral disorder.

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Aggressive little dogs who bark: a lack of socialization

One of the main causes that makes small dogs bark all the time at everything and at nothing, therefore, is the lack of socialization. They don’t see enough dogs, you don’t let him sniff big dog behinds, you wear it every time you meet another doggieyou never let him play with others without a leash.

In short, he does not know the other dogs and therefore he will tend to bark at them because he does not understand them, he does not know them and has not learned the social codes between dogs. Socialization is a major part of the education of his dog who will learn to live by imitating or avoiding the behaviors of other dogs.

snarling little dogs barking (2)

A potential lack of diverse and varied daily activities

The lack of activities is the second source of problems related to nuisance barking in the small dog. The so-called surly little dogs are unfortunately not often walked. At least they do not see enough things on a daily basis and on a walk. The walking time for a small dog, as for a large dog, is important.

leave him a garden never replaces the walk daily. The garden is just another room in your house for him. And small “snarling” dogs must be out for a sufficient amount of time. Just because he has small legs doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to walk or run. You have to make sure that he also does enough things on the go and that the walks are varied from one day to another.

For exampleone day go to the forest off leashone day in town walking on a leash, make him even congeners of all types, humans of all types, cyclists, joggers, cars, very busy places, give him the opportunity to smell odors. Experience things with your dog, it’s important.

Other Possible Causes of Small Dogs Being Snappy

Note that there are other reasons that can explain barking in dogs, whether small or not. But these two reasons are the main ones in 99% of cases! Other reasons which may explain this behavior:

  • Over-protection : the dog wants to protect you at all costs and therefore he barks to keep others away. This comes from the fact that he was too brooded, too sanitized to the different situations of life.
  • Fear and anguish. The dog may also be anxious and bark to express himself or calm his nerves. In this case, it is often a lack of habituation to all life situations, again.

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Solutions to prevent the dog from barking

It’s always the same problem Whatever the cause in reality: the dog does not see enough things and the master protects him too much. The solution is therefore always the same: your dog must see several situations, several different places (countryside, forest, city…), day and night, all kinds of humans (children, adults, elderly people, disabled people, joggers , cyclists…), all kinds of dogs (young, old, big, small, lively, not very lively…).

The dog must be socialized every day, see humans every day, exercise physically and mentally every day, even if the dog is small.

A garden does not count for physical expenditure. You have to make him run, make him walk on a leash, play with him… For the mental expenditureit can be games, chewing sticks, education sessions, a meeting with peers, a walking session on a leash in a completely unknown place full of stimuli (for example, a pedestrian street), a session searching for objects, a sport like agility, or even sniffing.

Do not use anti-bark collars. These collars are a deterrent, sure, but it breaks the trust between the dog and you. It is only a façade solution.

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