Couple arrested for animal abuse on their dogs in Marines

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The female was locked in a cage on the balcony as for the male, he was attached with a choke collar, to Marines. (©Val-d’Oise Gendarmerie)

They never went out being continuously tied and muzzled for one, while the other remained locked in his cage installed on the balcony of his masters’ apartment in Marines (Val d’Oise).

Animal abuse and deprivation of care

Two purebred dogs American Staffordshire Terriers were rescued by police marine brigade who proceeded to the arrest of their owners, a couple in their thirties, within the framework of a procedure notably opened for animal abuse And deprivation of care.

The gendarmes had been alerted by neighbors worried about the situation of the dogs. The local residents thus indicated to the military that the animals remained constantly locked in the apartment of their masters, the latter never taking them out.

On April 9, the gendarmes went to the couple’s home.

The observation is clear: the female is locked in a cage on the cluttered balcony of the apartment, unable to move at ease and evolving in her excrement. The male is tethered 24 hours a day with a choke collar, muzzle permanently injuring him.

The Val-d’Oise Gendarmerie

Presenting various injuries, the two dogs which were undernourished and not vaccinated, also presented psychological and motor disorders because of their living conditions. They have been entrusted to an animal protection association where they will receive care before being offered for adoption.

No detention permit

Placed in police custody, the couple admitted the facts admitting, moreover, not to benefit fromno authorization to keep these dogs.

In accordance with the legal provisions in force, any owner or holder of a dog of 1e category 1 must have a detention permit issued by the town hall or the prefecture with a behavioral evaluation by an approved veterinarian between its 8 and 12 months. Possession by an unauthorized person is punishable by 6 months’ imprisonment and a fine of €7,500.

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The old masters were summoned before the Pontoise Criminal Court.

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