Here’s why you absolutely must make your cat non-allergenic!

An allergy can be a serious health hazard if not treated urgently. This is also why the allergy to cat hair can become a real obstacle for people wishing to adopt this animal. But are there alternatives allowing people with allergies to have a cat without constantly taking medication?

There are multiple more or less widespread allergies such as pollen allergy or peanut allergy. But it is also possible to be allergic to certain animals. In this case, one of the most common allergies is cat allergy considered to be wrongt like a hair allergy. Specifically, those affected are allergic to proteins found in his drool and sometimes in his urine.. These proteins stick to hair and can end up on furniture. Because of these proteins (Fel D1 and Fel D4), people with allergies have strong reactions around cats. However, they can take advantage of cats and adopt them under certain conditions.

Which cat to take when you are allergic?

People with allergies can adopt certain cat breeds that produce less protein than others. While that doesn’t mean they don’t cause any allergy attacks, they are milder and more bearable by those affected. Breeds with little or no hair like the Sphynx or the Devon Rex are often cited as hypoallergenic. In addition, they are companion-seeking cats. But there are hairy breeds that are also recommended for allergy sufferers. This is the case of Balinese, Bengal and Siberian. However, it is recommended to inquire with a veterinarian in order to find the most suitable cat for the allergy, but also for the way of life of each one.

How to make a cat non-allergenic?

For allergy sufferers who already own a cat, another problem arises. Cohabitation involves taking daily treatments to support protein. However, alternatives exist to reduce the level of the Fel D1 protein, the most incriminated. The Nestlé brand develops cat food capable of deactivating the allergenic properties of Fel D1. An anti-Fel D1 vaccine has also been developed in several European laboratories. Currently in the clinical trial phase, it is available for sale in Switzerland. However, researchers do not yet have enough feedback on the effects of this vaccine on the animal’s health. Both treatments could, however, be offered to the general public in the years to come.

Which pet for an asthmatic?

Due to the proteins produced by certain pets (cat, kitten, some breeds of dog: the Portuguese water dog, the Kerry Blue terrier, the Bichon Maltese, the Bouvier des Flandres, etc.), you must turn to cold-blooded animals if you are allergic. Indeed, cold-blooded animals do not produce Fel D1 protein.. Or at least they produce it in very low quantities. And for this purpose, reptiles and amphibians are most recommended.

Are all cats allergenic?

If the desire to adopt a cat tempts you to the point of overriding your allergic reactions to allergenic proteins, there are cat breeds that shed less hair or produce a very low amount of allergenic proteins. If you therefore wish to adopt a cat, you can take information on this type of cat breed so that your adoption goes smoothly in the future. Otherwise, note that no breed of cat is exempt from producing allergenic proteins.

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