His dog does not take his eyes off the wall, he puts on a camera and makes an unthinkable discovery!

© His dog does not take his eyes off the wall, he puts on a camera and makes an unthinkable discovery!

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Like many people, George Miller loved his daily life with his dog. And for good reason, the latter really became his best friend and the two founded a beautiful family. But one day, his animal’s behavior changed.

Crosby the dog kept staring at the wall

While George Miller had his habits with his dog, the latter began to have a very strange attitude overnight. Crosby would sit in front of the wall and the stared for days and days.

George Miller went out of his way to try to turn his dog’s gaze away. If the latter was attentive to the man, he always ended up coming back in front of the wall. Very worried, its owner did not know what to think.

Especially since he had no health concerns and was always very happy when he sat in front of the wall. He was wagging his tail and strolled happily through the famous room.

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One day, George Miller decided to inspect the wall. But for him, there was absolutely nothing abnormal. Everything was business as usual and the man seemed more and more confused by his dog’s behavior.

When he brought Crosby to his favorite park with all his dog friends, the pet wanted to get home as soon as possible to land in front of the wall. A real misunderstanding for George Miller.

A crazy discovery

After five days, George Miller made a big decision. He decided to install a surveillance camera to see what was going on during his absence. While watching the videos, he noticed his dog trying to send him a message.

And the least we can say is that Crosby did everything possible to make George Miller understand his signs. The man finally made a radical decision. He decided to break down a piece of his wall.

He was far from imagining the incredible discovery he was going to make in the wall. Passing his hand, the man felt something soft and warm. He then realized that a little animal was stuck there.

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George Miller then grabbed the animal before removing his hand from the hole. He then pulled an adorable kitten out of his wall. For five days, he was stuck and it was Crosby, the dog, who saved his life by trying to attract the attention of his owner.

Unsurprisingly, George Miller has decided to take care of this kitten. He adopted the latter who became Crosby’s best friend!

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