Calvados: Jessica Lachize, a dog lover who helps to understand them

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Jessica Lachize, here with Prince, one of her three dogs, is the manager of the Académie des Chiens franchise in Aunay-sur-Odon (Les Monts d’Aunay), the only one in Calvados. ©The Voice the Bocage

Before even crossing the door of Jessica Lachize’s home, the playful barking that escapes leaves very little room for doubt.

And this is confirmed once inside, when the animals immediately come running: yes, she is indeed a lover of dogs who lives here. But not only.

I have always had a love of dogs, and animals in general. My mum even calls me Brigitte Bardot, because each time I ran to help them, and I always felt a lot of empathy towards them.

Jessica Lachize

Committed to animals

An unconditional love and attachment that will help the Caennaise to orient herself at the professional level. Or rather, to reorient themselves, after a first job in a completely different field. “I was first beautician, in Caen, a bit by default. »

But the 27-year-old young woman does not forget her four-legged friends: in addition to her job, she joins a association committed to the protection of animalsin order to officiate there as careful. It’s a turning point.

I was constantly surrounded and in contact with animals, often frightened, lost… And at the same time, I was always more or less interested in animal education. So I ended up deciding to leave my job to live from my passion.

It deploys a franchise in Calvados

In this case, Jessica Lachize opens and manages alone in 2021 a franchise of dog academy in Aunay-sur-Odon (Les Monts d’Aunay). The only one of Calvados for this company specializing in dog training and based in Nantes.

I chose the Académie des Chiens because we shared the same values ​​when it comes to the treatment of animals, with only the use of a flat leash, no choke collar, no treats… We really seek the respect of the dog. So I then went to Nantes to follow a six-week training course, where you see all types of dogs, regardless of breed or age, so that I can handle any situation as well as possible.

Discuss, Identify, Educate

The goal: “to be able to educate or re-educate all types of dogs “.

This ranges from reactivity problems to leash problems, passing of course by behavior, where we will try to understand the why and how…

This goes through a simple procedure; after a call specifying the problem with which the masters are confronted, the educator goes directly to their home for an initial assessment, “between 1 and 1:30 a.m.”, to meet the animal, discuss, accurately assess the needs, and determine the way forward.

Videos: currently on Actu

We assess whether teachers need more simple advice or real sessions, then how much, if any. For the sessions, I make sure to space them out 15 days apart so that people practice what we have seen themselves.

Not just lessons

These practical, personalized sessions take place 100% in public place “. This is also the case for educational outings, where several owners and animals can meet to walk, exchange, and socialize, often “around Aunay, Villers-Bocage, Thury-Harcourt”.

Specialized in aggressive and fearful dogsJessica Lachize can also offer slots to deal with the dog phobia.

A whole program for the young woman, but who does not move, she who lives by realizing “her dream of a little girl”.

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