They help stray cats

We can like cats in freedom but not want to see them reproduce in an uncontrolled way. Their uncontrolled proliferation is, in fact, a source of suffering for felines, against which around thirty volunteers have decided to fight. Gathered within the Association for Aid to Stray Cats (AACE), headquartered in Baule, they form a network across the Loire Valley territory that takes care of cats without owners.

350 supported per year

“We are called by town halls or individuals who discover cats that do not belong to anyone. Often, they live in a wild way and do not allow themselves to be approached. We capture them and then put them immediately in a comfortable cage before taking them to one of our partner veterinarians who, within two days, proceeds to their sterilization”, explains Patricia Baudinaud, the president of AACE.

And to continue: “After having carried out their identification, which is obligatory, we release them very quickly, at the place where they were found. If they are tamed, and in particular if they are kittens, we find them a family that can take them in, temporarily and then adopt them permanently. And cats are always happy to find a home. »

The association takes care of around 350 cats each year but regrets that the number of mayors calling on its services remains limited when they have the obligation to have stray cats sterilized.

AACE leads another action, called Mimines and Patounettes. “There are elderly people who would like to welcome a cat to break their loneliness. But they don’t because they are worried about what will happen to them in case they have to be absent, in the event of hospitalization, for example,” explains Patricia Baudinaud. The association offers them the possibility of being a host family, but benefiting from personalized support. AACE45 can then take care of food and veterinary expenses. And above all, she undertakes to take care of the cat if the host has to leave her home.

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Donations. AACE bears the food and veterinary costs of the cats it collects and gladly accepts donations. They can be done on Hello asso: AACE association for stray cats. Facebook: AACE. Information: [email protected]

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